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Hi, I’m the Wife of Bath, and I travel independently (mostly through Europe) with my spouse, (I’ll call him the Husband of Bath, or HOB). What thrills us most (and gets our butts on planes, trains and buses ) is to see art “in situ” that is, where it was made, in its original context.

This blog is for everyone who loves to travel for culture, but especially for those of you who, like me, live on a modest budget and need to travel accordingly. You may also be, ahem, middle-aged, but perfectly able to carry a backpack and boldly butcher the local language while eating street food at a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Just get out there and travel, and let me know what music you heard, what art enchanted you, and where you had your picnic.




  1. We returned from Europe a few months ago .. and have a ton of photos. One of my blog posts in several months that I will post, I may seek your opinion of Biblical scene meaning via some fabulous stained glass art. I only recognize the Nativity, 3 Magi, Annunciation, Last Supper, Noah’s Ark, Annuniciation, Cavalery, Cruxificion, Resurrection…..as a non-Christian.

    My biblical understanding is based um..on childhood Sunday school for only few years. Then my university major in English lit. of course drew upon literary works with biblical allusions / metaphors.You can imagine, how lost and felt “lesser” in my knowledge when ploughing through John Donne, etc. I draw upon Catholic interpretations when we go into certain cathedrals, on my partner who was an altar boy drop-out by the time he was 10 yrs. old.

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    1. Hi Jean,

      I can’t wait to see your pictures of the stained glass? What church were they in?

      What does one have to do to be an altar boy drop out—-that sounds so naughty!


      1. Strausborg Notre Dame Cathedral (2nd time I’ve been there)

        Notre Dame Cathedral in Beaune, France
        St. Jacob’s Cathedral/Church in Rotenburg der au Taber

        Sagrada Famila, Barcelona (whole post is in hopper for this)
        Basilica of Santa Maria Del Bar, Barcelona
        Barcelona Cathedral
        Dijon Cathedral, France
        In 2010, I went to Freiburg Cathedral, Germany.

        Others in Copenhagen.
        I’m contemplating on blog post re violence as depicted in some of museums and cathedrdals… Christians should never be too snotty to fundamentalist Muslims….some horrible violent times.

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  2. He got bored and tired of whatever hypocrisy he saw/perceived at the time. Also his voice broke and he couldn’t sing properly. He was trying to remember the different stations in a Catholic church.. when I asked him about the different sections of a cathedral.

    His mother was a quiet observing Catholic until she died. That’s the real link for him.

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    1. Wow, you saw some amazing cathedrals! I’m crazy about the gothic carvings in Strasbourg and I want to go the Frieburg to see the weird gargoyles there. I’ve never been to Copenhagen because it’s so expensive.

      You should write a post on the anti-muslim art—I was pretty horrified when we followed the Camino path through France through Northern Spain and watched St. James the humble pilgrim being transformed to St. James the Moor Slayer.

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      1. I didn’t see anti-Muslim imagery…probably because I wasn’t looking a lot. I simply saw the typical…Jesus under attack…..we came across some medieval or near-Rennaissance panel paintings, where women (the sinners), were tortured.

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