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Not sure what happened at the Peking Opera but it involved stage combat, butterfly feelers and intrusive ushers

Any of you have a work spouse?  I’ve had one for 20 years; I call him the International Man of Mystery.  Now you’d think after 20 years I’d know a lot about IMOM, but he is one seriously cagey dude.  Try asking IMOM a question like “How was your weekend?” and you’re going to get […]

Bach’s St. John Passion in Leipzig: celestial voices, unbearable beauty

Listening to Bach’s St. John Passion at St. Thomas church in Leipzig, Germany, was an ethereal and indescribably moving experience.  It was Good Friday and we were in Leipzig to hear the Thomanerchor, the boy’s choir that has been performing sacred music in Leipzig for over 800 years (they board and study in the town).  Johann […]

As Slow as Possible: searching for John Cage in Halberstadt

It was snowing and we were lost in Halberstadt, Germany looking for a John Cage performance.  There were signs: “The longest piece of music in the world-639 years!” but we still had to stop passersby and ask in terrible German “Wo ist John Cage?”.  We followed a well-intentioned woman and two toddlers several blocks in […]