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The surprising circus inside San Miguel de Lillo

The rewards for those intrepid travelers who hustle up Mount Naranco in a heavy rainstorm are manifold. Exhibit A: San Miguel de Lillo. This petite beauty has been rewarding water-logged church lovers since 848. Dear readers, I’m afraid I need to insist that you GO TO OVIEDO.  Northern Spain is stunning and Oviedo is an architecture lover’s dream.  Just […]

I am loving you so hard, Santa María del Naranco

Hey everyone–meet my new girlfriend: This is Santa María del Naranco, also known as my girlfriend. (In case you were wondering, I also have a wife and a husband.)    Santa María del Naranco was a summer palace built in the mid-9th century in the kingdom of Asturias, present day Oviedo.  At the time, Asturias […]