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An overnight train and a marshrutka from Tbilisi to Svaneti, Georgia: paper sheets and landslides

We’re in Svaneti, a region of Northwest Georgia full of cultural treasures.  Getting here was dramatic. First step: an overnight train from Tbilisi to Zugdidi.  This is the part of the trip that had stressed me out the most.  As it happened, the journey was uneventful, even pleasant.  We showed up at the Tbilisi train […]

Insomnia in Tbilisi

It’s dawn in Tbilisi, where we arrived yesterday morning at 3:35 am.  We napped a bit on arrival and I’ve been awake ever since, awake in fact for the most of the past three days. I was awake at midnight when the other residents of our guest house snuffed out their candles on the balcony […]