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Frómista, Spain: The Infamous Blue Traveling Poncho Camino de Santiago special edition

Never has before has Frómista, Spain seen a sexier pilgrim until the day I sauntered into to town with my handsome gentlemen companion, wearing seven shirts and a coat and a poncho. First ever documented sighting of Wife of Bath wearing The Infamous Blue Travelling Poncho. San Martín: brace yourselves because this is one of my all […]

My wish list for 2015: tolerance, cultural-crossbreeding and a comfortable bra

My neighborhood was vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti this week.  It would be wrong and upsetting for this to happen to a Jewish community anywhere, but these are my neighbors; the people I sit next to on the bus, share a library and grocery store with, whose cute kids I play peekaboo with on the train platform.  I am […]

Why you don’t need to be rich to be a cultural tourist, and why it’s probably better not to be (really!)

I remember the exact moment: after a morning of winding our way uphill through the medieval Albayzín neighborhood of Granada in Southern Spain, we reached the San Nicholas Viewpoint. We picnicked while taking in the enchanting view of the Alhambra and surrounding mountains and I mentioned to HOB that, according to our guide book, this […]

Seville’s April Fair: beautiful Andalusians and embarassing dancing

I’m not sure who was more gorgeous: the people or the horses.   Weirdly, neither species was sweating, except for us, two Midwesterners broiling in the April Seville sun.  The Seville April Fair or Feria de abril de Sevilla for all you non-gringos, is a yearly six day fair of Andalusian culture in Seville, Spain.  […]