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Abbey of Saint-Savin, romance, and Fresco Neck™

After hours of looking up at the frescoes in the Abbey of Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe, in Saint-Savin, France, we were developing a serious case of Fresco Neck™. (Fresco Neck™  is my trademarked diagnosis of the neck cramping and fatigue resulting from chronic fresco, mosaic, and stained glass viewing).  Let me assure you, it was worth it.  These […]

Picnic at Église Notre-Dame la Grande, Poitiers

A plane to Paris, connection directly from the airport by train to Poitiers, a quick dump of our bags in the hotel by the train station, a run up a steep hill into the historical district of Potiers and voilà: two hungry and jet lagged Americans ready for a picnic.  Within an hour of arrival we […]

Interlude in Rimini with funeral at Tempio Malatestiano

I had it all planned: we were in route from Florence to Urbino , and we would jump off the train for a few hours in Rimini to visit Alberti’s Tempio Malatestiano.  HOB and I were in the midst of our self-designed Ideal City trip across Italy.  Were studying the work of five Renaissance architects/urban planners: Brunelleschi, Bramante, Alberti, Michelangelo and […]

As Slow as Possible: searching for John Cage in Halberstadt

It was snowing and we were lost in Halberstadt, Germany looking for a John Cage performance.  There were signs: “The longest piece of music in the world-639 years!” but we still had to stop passersby and ask in terrible German “Wo ist John Cage?”.  We followed a well-intentioned woman and two toddlers several blocks in […]