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In which our bus in Southern Sicily gets stuck in a medieval parade of children and hand gestures ensue

We are riding our bus through the exceptionally scenic Province of Ragusa, winding our way through a high-hill town, when children in medieval carneval garb started pouring out,  completely blocking the street.  Our bus, all the traffic, comes to a standstill.  The bus driver lays on the horn.  The woman sitting next us is outraged “Some of us have […]

Cefalù: cute costumed children celebrating Carnevale with confetti

Cefalù, in Northern Sicily, is indisputably scenic.  It’s dramatically set on the Mediterranean, with a giant rock mountain looming above it, full of golden light, palm trees, and twisty medieval streets.  Despite it’s attractive qualities, we spent much of the day irritated with the tourist industry of the town, which has three major sights, two […]