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These present-absent: how I memorized all of Shakespeare’s sonnets and deleted most of my blog photos

Last week my boss announced it was time to clean out our offices.  She was serious enough to go into my meeting calendar and mark all the open time slots as busy, so I had no excuse to put it off.  (While everyone in my department received the same directive, as the office slob I know […]

Insomnia in Tbilisi

It’s dawn in Tbilisi, where we arrived yesterday morning at 3:35 am.  We napped a bit on arrival and I’ve been awake ever since, awake in fact for the most of the past three days. I was awake at midnight when the other residents of our guest house snuffed out their candles on the balcony […]

Walk like Stevie Wonder and other advice for managing jet lag

Every good story needs a villain.  The villain of my own life story is insomnia.  As someone eager to be the hero of her own story, I battle against insomnia with a combination of protestant work ethic and desperation.  During the past two years I’ve consulted four doctors, completed a 12 week sleeping class, taken three prescription medications, tried acupressure, light therapy, a […]