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The Gelati Monastery in Kutaisi and an incident in our hostel involving a certain husband imbibing too much wine

I almost missed seeing Gelati Monastery because of HOB’s hangover.  We’d arrived hungry in Kutaisi, Georgia, the night before and couldn’t find a well stocked grocery store.  This was not a problem as the restaurants were quite cheap.  We stopped in a decent looking place, and since I couldn’t read the Georgian menu, I ordered several […]

How ancient jewelry inspired a fountain in Kutaisi, Georgia

We were sweating when we arrived at the enjoyably chaotic bus station in Kutaisi, still dressed in mountain weather-appropriate layers.  There are palm trees in Kutaisi and an almost tropical humidity, which explains the omnipresent  ice cream bars.  This is a city of ice cream bars—multiple coolers of ice cream bars on every block.  We’re not talking artisanal ice cream […]