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Dazzling mosaics in Cappella Palatina, Palermo and–bonus!–bible stories abridged

Every surface in the Cappella Palatina in Palermo (1140-70) is a pristine work of art.  Study the ceiling, the floor, and of course, at the mosaics.  Don’t be rushed.  This is what happens when great cultures—Arab, Norman and Byzantine–combine synergistically to produce the finest art imaginable.   It was created for Sicilian kings to worship in, with […]

Bayeux tapestry: the best art always wins the battle

I suck at history unless there’s a  great work of art involved.  So, despite a general ignorance of French and British history, I can tell you all about the Battle of Hastings in the year 1066.  Well, I can tell you the perspective as represented in the Bayeux tapestry: one of the best works of […]