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Green pâté and charred goat cheesecake: what we ate in Poitiers and Chauvigny

Wherever we travel, HOB and I try the local specialties.  I can tell you the reason is because it’s a great way to participate in the culture, which is true.  Also, it makes local people happy–we’ve had people gather around us in approval when we’ve sought out an unusual regional delicacy at a shop or […]

Winning window bars in Poitiers

Why can’t my window bars at home be as, um, as uplifting and exciting as these I saw in Poitiers?

Picnic at Église Notre-Dame la Grande, Poitiers

A plane to Paris, connection directly from the airport by train to Poitiers, a quick dump of our bags in the hotel by the train station, a run up a steep hill into the historical district of Potiers and voilà: two hungry and jet lagged Americans ready for a picnic.  Within an hour of arrival we […]