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Look out 2017: I’m putting my scrappy shoulder to the wheel

In the early 1990’s I was working at performing arts center on the campus of  a Midwestern university.  I worked a lot, more than was ideal for a full time student, but I was paying my own way though school and needed the money, and besides that, I loved my front of house theater job.  As a […]

This night’s for you, Gram

People always tell me “You’re so adventurous!”  Of course I take this as a compliment but, well, I feel a bit like fraud, what with my fear of flying and generally risk-adverse personality.  An authentically adventurous woman?  I once knew one: her name was Emily and she was my grandmother. My Gram, Emily Evans Shaffer Harrington, was […]

Go ahead, talk politics while traveling

In November of 2008 we were in France listening to people tell us how much they hated our president.  It was, of course, the month of the McCain/Palin vs. Obama/Biden United States presidential election.  At home in Chicago, HOB and I had pushed each other to volunteer for the Obama campaign, promising “A few more volunteer hours tonight and you’ll get extra […]