Funniest travel moments from 2013

2013 was a great year for travel giggles:


A flasher climbing the House of Adam in Angers, France


Go ahead, play soccer, drive and have a house.


Don’t even think about playing soccer, driving or having a house.  (Signs in Halberstadt, Germany).


We probably felt it even more (from our hotel room in Stralsund, Germany).


This cannabis ice tea was for sale in Quedlinberg, Germany–we opted for bottled water instead.


We learned two things from traveling in Germany during Easter time:
1) It snows.
2) Kids make snowbunnies.  Cute!


HOB took this snap of urinals with lids in Angers, France (because who doesn’t want to touch the urinal in a public bathroom??)


This handsome fellow (and his bitchin’ six pack) are on a medieval stained glass window in the main cathedral in Quedlinburg, Germany.


And finally, I picked up this studly dude in Tours, France.  He was easy, so I took him home with me.

Wishing all my readers funny and happy travels in 2014!

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