Bamberg Cathedral’s Last Judgment tympanium: some kings go to heaven, some kings go to H-E-double hockey stick.

See, there’s Christ in the center, with Virgin and St. John at his feet.  Some happy naked people are popping up out of graves under his feet.  On the left, some annoyingly self-satisfied folks are headed to their eternal reward, on the right, well, the facial expressions say it all.

I know, I know,  I can’t shut up about the Bamberg Cathedral, and the freaking fantastic art inside and out of it.  Occupational hazard, I guess.


The Last Judgment Tympanium from Bamberg’s Cathedral of St. Peter, between 1225 – 1237.


Oh yeah!  We are so holy.  Do you see the king holding hands with his wife?


These bad people are getting pulled down to H-E-double hockey stick.


Let’s hope heaven isn’t full of smug-faced freaks like this…..


A bunch of A-listers, including a pope and a king, going to their eternal punishment.


The devil with his donkey’s ears and -whoa!–wings on his calves–sticks out his tongue a he pulls a chain of the damned down, down, down.


The Richard Simmons of angel busts.

trumpet four

Thank goodness two of those kids are missing their heads–because the other two already might give me nightmares!


How we got to Bamberg:  train from Nuremberg.

Where we slept: Hotel Sandstern.  Price: €69 for a double.  Recommended: yes.




  1. One of those headed babies looks like a happy Buddha. Great photo detail.


    1. Thanks buntymcc–he does look just like a happy Buddha!


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