Masterworks in St. Lorenz of Nuremberg, three little weenies, and a tourist trap

St. Lorenz church is packed to the gills (or would be, if churches had gills) with masterworks of art.  I’m not throwing the word “masterworks” around: we are talking about immensely talented sculptors Adam Kraft and Veit Stoss working at the top of their game.  The church also has impressive (and sometimes funny) stained glass too.

Church crawling or watching an opera is the best way to spend your time in Nuremberg.  Beware: there’s a hardcore tourist trap scene around the town’s blah castle—avoid.

All that church art made us hungry, so we sampled the Nuremberg’s street food, the Nürnberger Bratwurst.  These tasty little buggers come three on a bun with mustard.  Nom, nom, nom.


Self-portrait of the artist, Adam Kraft, c. 1493, holding up the church’s tabernacle.




Angelic Salutation by Veit Stoss, 1517-18.  Polychromed limewood, 15.5 m x 17 ft.

God is shooting out some superpower rays out of his robe over this annunciation scene, which is surrounded by a giant rosary.  See the rosary beads hanging from the sides?


Angel Gabriel telling Mary she’s preggers–Mary’s so surprised that she drops here book.  Did you notice the dove on Mary’s head?


Would you check out this bruise on my thigh!!!!??


Only St. Sebastian can keep his hairstyle so fabulous while being shot full of arrows.


The mystic mill, with-WTF?-animal heads.


Is Mr. Bird Head monk making off with the offering basket?


Nürnberger sausages called Drei im Weggla “Three in a bun”.


How we got to Nuremberg: bus and train from Speyer.  (Okay so actually we missed the bus to the train station because it stopped on the opposite side of the street we were waiting for it and we had to take a €20 taxi to catch the train).

Where we slept: ibis Hotel Nürnberg Altstadt.  Price: €55 for a double.  Recommended: yes.


  1. This wood carving is just spectacular!
    The three in a bun would tempt me too….


    1. I confess I never heard of Veit Stoss before this trip, but now his wood carving is amongst my favorite.


  2. Fantastic carvings and so well preserved. No termites or wood lice in Nuremberg?


    1. Fortunately not–and they survived WWII also!


  3. manelfmartinez · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Europäische Gerichtshof … call me CJUE and commented:
    What can you do this afternoon in Nuremberg? Maybe this is a good advice.
    Enjoying Saturday evening!


  4. Carve an article to really be like a true person .


    1. Thank you, hsiusophia0324.


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