I may or may not have broken the house rules in Trogir

This morning we took an early bus down the coast of Croatia, with this stunning view of the Zagreb archipelago out our window.


Our destination?  Trogir, the UNESCO World Heritage zone and, you might say, kind of a pretty town.


Trogir is essentially an island jammed with medieval and Renaissance architecture.


13th century cathedral.


Mr. wine-pressing man, flaunting the finest in medieval platform shoes.


Now wait just a minute young man—I just changed your diaper!


HOB bought some local wine at the market.  It has a Prosecco-like taste.


Ladies were selling their own home-pressed olive oil in recycled plastic bottles at the market.  On the left is lame grocery store oil I bought in Zagreb, now thrown out.  On the right, farmer’s market olive oil in a repurposed mineral water bottle that I want to pour over everything and practically drank for dinner.

Our B&B, well, it comes with a lot of rules:


While I can honestly claim not to have brought in explosive materials and I certainly did not destroy any furniture, I may just have indulged in a bit of illegal clothes washing.


Thug lyfe.


Nighty-night from your favorite law-breaking travelers.


How we got to Trogir: bus from Zadar.

Where we slept: Villa Carrara.  Price: the going price is €69 for a double, but since we were moved here due to a mix-up with another B&B, we paid €69.  Recommended: yes.

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