“Full Fart Forover” in Røros, Norway

Oh hey, we’re in Norway.

I know, I know, why would cheapskates like us be traveling in one of the world’s most expensive countries?  What happened was, I was looking at airfares online and I saw flights to Norway for $333 round-trip from Chicago.  How could I resist? So I bought two tickets to Oslo with a connecting flight in Helsinki and then I received an email confirming my order of $666 to HEL.

So obviously this trip was meant to be.  And actually, other than the price of rooms—which are twice what we normally would pay—it hasn’t been all that expensive so far.  Groceries are about the same as in any other European city and I saved us money by buying sale fare train tickets in advance.


The Cliffs Notes version of Røros is that it is a well preserved, former copper mining town in the mountainous center of Norway.


Back in the mining days, workers lived in miserable conditions and labored in cold, icy weather.  Now their tiny cottages next to the mine’s giant slag heap are a picturesque tourist attraction.

icicles Don’t the icicles look like they were made in a opera prop shop?


After a day of poverty-turned-UNESCO site traipsing, we’re back at our (expensive) room trying to sort out the laundry machine, which is just a big of a mystery as most foreign washing machines and doesn’t seem to have a spin cycle.  I mean, can’t complain, it’s not like we’re smelting copper or something.


And our (did I say expensive?) room comes with a mini library, of which one book in particular is of extreme interest.

Let’s have a closer look at the illustration.



Røros, a delight for tourists and bibliophiles.


How we got to Røros: train from Oslo.
Where we slept: Houmbgaarden. Price: €102 for a double. Recommended: yes.


  1. Hel, sorry, Hell yeah, $666 sounds perfect. And I hope you went full steam ahead reading what your accommodation offered… 🙂

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    1. I see what you did there 🙂

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  2. Nemorino · · Reply

    As a non-motorist I have never seen this, but a friend tells me that on Danish motorways he sometimes sees signs reading “Fartkontrol”, meaning a speed check, so slow down. (I suppose the word “Fart” in these languages is related to “Fahrt” in German, meaning journey.

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    1. A certain husband (cough, mine) could use a Fartkontrol…..and I don’t mean a speed check.

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  3. I love Norway. As a Midwesterner, I feel oddly at home there. Of course most of my ancestors came straight from Scandinavia to Minnesota. Your book reminds me of a very famous Minnesota polka musician from my childhood. His posters said, “Whoopee John Wilfahrt and His Band Will Play.”

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    1. The majestic landscape probably reminds you a bit of your adopted state of Colorado too.

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      1. Very true! We have mountains and snow (no fjords though). I hope you get to enjoy Oslo and/or Bergen as well as the mountains!

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  4. Lol! Awesome. Also I saw those flights! And if I hadn’t been saving for my upcoming move I was going to go for it and buy the ticket.

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    1. More cheap flights to come, I’m sure. Hope the move goes well.


  5. A full fart at 660 dollars….. irresistible.

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    1. A half fart for 330 sounds like it could require medication….

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  6. Sounds like you couldn’t say no with flight prices like that! Norway is fascinating and beautiful and although it is pricey it is certainly worth it to explore that wonderful country.

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    1. You’re so right about Norway being fascinating—also what an enviously well run country!

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  7. Norway’s NSB is a jewel! Do get on the Bergenbanen line if you can.

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    1. You’re not lying about the NSB—-it is so comfy and the views are majestic!

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  8. And raw (pickled?) fish galore? And good bread too, right? Never been but was based for awhile with the Norwegian Battalion in Bosnia and got to eat plenty of that. Northern Lights? I love your weird trips.

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    1. No lutefisk yet—did you try it in Bosnia? I think the Northern Lights are only mid-winter, but we could get lucky.


  9. Chicago ge’s better fares than Atlanta. No fare (ha – get it?). Let us know how you bed-in-a-box hotel is!

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    1. Fare-enough for us, hardy har.

      Citybox is great and comfy—I’d recommend it.

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