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Magnificent Monreale Cathedral, an amazing cloister followed by a beef spleen sandwich

The Cathedral of Monreale in Monreale, Sicily, exceeded my high expectations.  Until I have a chance to write more, I’ll tease you with a few photos of the mosaics and cloister.  Dating from around 1200, the cathedral and it’s art are pristinely preserved. After a day in Monreale, we returned to Palermo and furthered our […]

Picnic at the cathedral: how to picnic in Europe

If you’ve traveled across the ocean to see a great work of architecture, a wonderful way to enhance your visit is to picnic in front of it.  Beautiful view?  Check.  Chance to observe and interact with locals?  Check.  Cheap? Check, check check. While picnicking is fun for it’s own sake, it’s also practical.  You have […]

Picnic at Église Notre-Dame la Grande, Poitiers

A plane to Paris, connection directly from the airport by train to Poitiers, a quick dump of our bags in the hotel by the train station, a run up a steep hill into the historical district of Potiers and voilà: two hungry and jet lagged Americans ready for a picnic.  Within an hour of arrival we […]

Picnic at the Cathedral

We arrived by school bus. This was the only form of public transportation available, a once- a-week bus into Conques in Southwest France, population 281.   A five minute walk from the bus stop, through the tiny but perfectly preserved village  to our half-timber hotel room next to the Abbey-Church of Saint-Foy.  The abbey has been a […]