Magnificent Monreale Cathedral, an amazing cloister followed by a beef spleen sandwich

The Cathedral of Monreale in Monreale, Sicily, exceeded my high expectations.  Until I have a chance to write more, I’ll tease you with a few photos of the mosaics and cloister.  Dating from around 1200, the cathedral and it’s art are pristinely preserved.

After a day in Monreale, we returned to Palermo and furthered our adventures in street food, this time trying milza—a beef spleen sandwich.

How we got to Monreale: bus from Palermo.

Where we slept: Ariston Hotel b&b.  Price: €55 for a double.  Recommended: yes.


Chillen’ with Christ Pantocrator.


Adam and Eve (and their subliminal penis bellies) getting kicked out of the garden of Eden.  We saw an orange tree just like this outside the cathedral.


Coolest water ever.


Picnic at the Cathedral of Monreale.


HOB in the cloister of Monreale.


Me holding my research on Monreale inside the cloister (because I don’t go anywhere without a binder full of notes.  Art geeks represent!)


Milza: street food only found in Palermo.  It’s a tasty beef spleen sandwich with ricotta salata and some other sort of cheese.

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