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Holocaust Memorial Wall, Frankfurt

  Each of these name plates commemorates a Jewish citizen of Frankfurt, murdered during the holocaust.  There are over 12,000 names. This Holocaust memorial wall is adjacent to Frankfurt’s Jewish museum.  The main synagogue of the Jewish ghetto used to stand here, before it was burned in Kristallnacht. The birthday of each victim is recorded along with the […]

Practical and pragmatic Frankfurt: post-modern architecture, hideous historical reproductions, and a visit to the red light district

Frankfurt is a model of efficiency and pragmatism with superior infrastructure.  The ride from the train station to the airport takes 12 minutes.  Cars politely defer to bike riders and pedestrians.  Everything is clean and orderly–even the red light district.  We walked by a “fix cafe” where drug addicts meet with social workers for clean […]

Flatulent cheese and green sauce: what we ate in Frankfurt

HOB and I have been together 18 years, sharing a of love of art in situ and adventurous eating, and finally, in Frankfurt, I’ve found something I’ll eat that he won’t.  Handkäse mit Musik “hand cheese with music” is a sour milk cheese aged and marinated in oil and vinegar and a specialty of Frankfurt, […]