Flatulent cheese and green sauce: what we ate in Frankfurt

HOB and I have been together 18 years, sharing a of love of art in situ and adventurous eating, and finally, in Frankfurt, I’ve found something I’ll eat that he won’t.  Handkäse mit Musik “hand cheese with music” is a sour milk cheese aged and marinated in oil and vinegar and a specialty of Frankfurt, Germany.  The nice woman who sold it to us at the market explained the name “You eat the cheese now, and later you get the music.”   There’s only one way I could interpret this explanation:  Handkäse mit Musik causes farting.  While I’ll spare you a description of the consequences of digesting this cheese, I’ll tell you I loved it in all it’s weird and funky glory.  HOB on the other hand, was  grossed out and declared it “smelled like death”.

What we both agree on is the yumminess of Frankfurt’s other culinary specialty, Grüne Sosse.  Grüne Sosse (green sauce) is a mixture of sour cream or yogurt with seven herbs.  We devoured it with cucumbers and bread.

How we got to Frankfurt:  train from Bamberg.

Where we slept: Hotel Excelsior.  Price: €77 for a double.  Recommended: yes.


Handkäse mit Musik


Grüne Sosse


Bucket full of Grüne Sosse in Frankfurt’s Kleinmarkthalle.



  1. Dan C. · · Reply

    A recurring menu item at my work cafeteria is flautas – misspelled as “flatus”. Fart jokes are funny in any language.

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  2. I too loved the Bamburg rider…but my internet went down before I could comment….I know the green sauce…but the cheese is something I just have to discover!
    Family used to bring us cheese from Belgium…..they had to travel with the windows open all the way to the Loire Valley…

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  3. You nailed two of the most famous things to eat in Frankfurt. I had the green sauce with schnitzel yesterday; that was a rather interesting combination too.

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    1. Where did you buy the green sauce?


      1. At the klein markt halle. But I guess there must be many other places to buy it from.


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