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Walk like Stevie Wonder and other advice for managing jet lag

Every good story needs a villain.  The villain of my own life story is insomnia.  As someone eager to be the hero of her own story, I battle against insomnia with a combination of protestant work ethic and desperation.  During the past two years I’ve consulted four doctors, completed a 12 week sleeping class, taken three prescription medications, tried acupressure, light therapy, a […]

Relaxing (and waxing) in Brasov

An important (and overlooked aspect) of itinerary planning is where to spend your jet lag day.  You know, that time when you’ve crammed yourself into at least two flights, failed to sleep, eaten airplane dinners with weird meat and dubious gravy,  gone way too long without showering or brushing your teeth and then—hooray!—all that’s over, […]

Jetlag is like the third act of a Mozart Opera

Jet lag is part of the travel experience and once you learn to think of it that way, it’s so much easier to cope with.  Opera makes a good analogy: there are some people who believe opera is a three minute clip on a reality tv show, you know those clips that end up on […]