A taste of Palermo: street food, a curly tail cat, and Jesus Christ Superstar

Palermo is a delicious mix of Norman, Arabic, Byzantine, Baroque and Renaissance–and the street food reflects the multicultural heritage of the city.  Our day was full of Byzantine mosaics with interludes of studiously eating as many types of street food  as possible.  I look forward to lovingly describing the outstanding art and architecture of Palermo when I have a bit more time.  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the pictures of what we ate–believe me, it was as mouthwatering as it looks.

Even for me, nine hours of Byzantine mosaics is a bit much.  I started to giggle at mosaics of angels with tiny legs in the coupola of La Martorana, and then HOB started in when I described the bird in an annunciation as “God’s sperm bird.”  And then we lost it entirely at the Jesus Christ Superstar painting on the alter.  No, it’s not at all appropriate to laugh hysterically in a sacred space, so we got the heck out of there.  We have plenty more Byzantine mosaics to see tomorrow, anyhow….

How we got to Palermo: train from Naples.

Where we slept: Ariston Hotel b&b.  Price: €55 for a double.  Recommended: yes.


I was feeling fine at Quatro Canti


HOB in the cloister of Chiesa di San Giovanni Degli Eremeti


This was my favorite: Involtini Melazane (eggplant wrapped around bread crumbs with raisins, pine nuts, and I think saffron).


Panelle e croce (chickpea and potato fritters).

DSCN2769 DSCN2772

Arancini: Norma (stuffed with eggplant) and Ragu (stuffed with meat and peas).


Sarde a Beffafico: sardines stuffed with something similar to the Involtini and rolled in bread crumbs.


Dude, a cat with a curly tail!


I started giggling at the angels with tiny legs at La Martorana.


Starring Jesus Christ Superstar!

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