Gauler Twin Houses: Prairie School beauties on Chicago’s North side

Here’s why I’m one lucky lipstick and backpack wearing lady—-I live in Chicago and Chicago is bursting with unexpected architectural treats.  Case in point: the Gauler Twin Houses designed by Walter Burley Griffin.


Built in 1908 of stucco and wood, these houses are designed for the Midwest landscape.  Walter Burley Griffin uses the strong horizontal planes and low hanging roofs characteristic of the Prairie School of Architecture.  The high band of windows snuggling up to the eaves is also typical of Prairie Style.

I love the way the two buildings share a walkway.


The buildings are placed in a narrow-ish lot in an urban residential area.


These twin cuties are at 5917 – 5921 North Magnolia Avenue in the Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood.  I just happened to stop by on the way to the farmers market.  You jealous?


Chicago Landmark for the win!



How we got to the Gauler Twin Houses: on foot

Where we slept: at home.  Price: mortgage, assessments and utilities.  Recommended: highly.



  1. Have you gone down to the far south side in the East Beverly neighborhood to see the Walter Burley Griffin Place Historic district? There are also some great houses along Longwood Drive and even a Frank Lloyd Wright or two in the general area. Nice for walking. If you live on the north side you can get there by Metra from downtown.

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    1. No, I haven’t and it’s been way too long since I’ve been to the East Beverly neighborhood. Thanks so much for letting me know about it–we’ll have to hop on the metra and check it out soon!


      1. Lots more residential arcitectural treasures in North Beverly and as far south as 115th or so. There’s even a house that was a stop on the Underground Railway on Drew. Lots of history in the area.

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  2. Wow, from Chicago to Canberra!
    Always interesting to walk the streets….San Jose here has a terrible reputation (undeserved) but there are architectural gems…both individual andneighbourhood….that are well worth the stroll to see.

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    1. That’s my favorite thing (traveling and at home): just to stroll around and look at architecture.


  3. My son lives in Chicago so I’ll have to put this on my list! One of the greatest cities in the world I think…

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    1. I agree of course. Chicago is a great city for culture! Just north of this area is a hidden bungalow district that is absolutely charming as well.

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  4. I just loved these house images thanku so much for posting smthing whichis so beautiful…


    1. Thank you for reading indianmountains!


  5. As always, I love following your blog. FYI, I grew up at Ardmore and Sheridan, went to Senn H.S. etc. Lots of interesting “Prairie” style homes north and into the northern suburbs, Of course, Oak Park is a dream for early F.L.Wright fans. Great traveling with you. Bappel2014 Inspired Glass.

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    1. Thank you bappel2014! I know that area you grew up in quite well–what a lovely area right by the beach. I’ve been to Oak Park of course, but not much to the Northern suburbs other than Evanston. We’ll need to make a destination of it.


  6. it looks a little bit like Santa Fe (the area with the arts’ galleries)

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    1. I haven’t been to Santa Fe yet, but I really want to (esp. if they have such cool buildings). They also have a wonderful opera house.


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