I’m that lady in Taipei eating dumplings with a spork

Today we spent with temples and dumplings in Taipei: both are exquisite.



I’ll have to wait until I have more time to write about the temples, but here’s a taste of the enchanting Baoan temple.

My sister-in-law is Taiwanese, so I am really lucky and have the insider scoop on where to eat.  This afternoon we ate lunch at Din Tai Fun, a dumpling paradise.


So yeah, I have the insider scoop on food, but one major problem: I can’t use chopsticks.  Whipping out my trusty traveling spork I dug into to all the goodies, looking pretty stupid, but still, satisfied.


Taiwanese greens are everything.


Chinese New Year decorations are up.  Happy Year of the Rooster.


Our hostel has a “no shoes in the hostel rule” and they have loaner slippers at the door.



  1. Din Tai Fung is heaven. I’ve pigged out there every time I’ve been through Shanghai. The one in Taipei is the original. Doesn’t seem to have crossed the Rockies in the USA; you can only find it in Seattle and California.

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    1. No wonder it was so popular—we had to squish our way through a crowd of adoring fans to get inside!


  2. I liked the spork thing! I haven’t had a dumpling for a looong time!

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    1. We ate tons of dumplings in Georgia so it was great to go on another dumpling–eating rampage on this trip. One day I forgot my spork and it was a sad situation indeed!


      1. 😦 I am sure you adjusted, but I am sure you missed your spork! I had seen the utensil, but didn’t realize how it was named! tc

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  3. Fabulous to have your sister-in-law guide you to secret local favourite places!


    1. Yes, and she was able to make some arrangements for us by phone (since I totally failed to learn Mandarin.)


  4. I’m going to Taipei for the first time in a few days, and Din Tai Fung is on my list! 🙂

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    1. Make sure you use the toilet at Din Tai Fung. Not only was the toilet seat heated, but it had a soundtrack of rushing water to cover up the bathroom sounds!

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  5. ericamadly · · Reply

    Ok these photos are gorgeous!! I can’t use chopsticks either and those are some beautiful glasses! What a beautiful adventure 🙂

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    1. Thanks ericamadly—it’s hard to take a bad picture in Taiwan.

      Cheers to inept chopstick users everywhere!


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