Tartu: Estonia: upside-down, sideways with a snail on top

We’re in Tartu, Estonia, up to our usual tricks—at least eight hours of walking today, looking at an intriguing variety of architecture.


We saw a leaning building (where a tree apparently grew out of HOB’s head).


And how could we miss the upside-down house?


The Snail tower dominates Tartu’s skyline.


And everywhere tactile street art made us fall in love.


We split a can of beans for dinner—–let’s hope our hostel room won’t be full of this much gas later tonight.

And speaking of flatulence:  I haven’t had much time for the news, since we’ve been trotting around Estonia at top speed for three days, but I couldn’t avoid the screaming headlines that the 45th president just threatened to “totally destroy North Korea.”  A quick google search tells me North Korea has more than 25 million residents, and Estonia has about 1.3, so basically President Cheetolini McRacistpants just suggested killing the population of like 20 Estonias.

Wish I could draw and big red line right though this whole horrific presidency.


More Estonia (and hopefully less Orange Flatulance-mouth) soon.

How we got to Tartu: train from Tallinn.
Where we slept: Academus Hostel.  Price: €40 for a double. Recommended: yes.


  1. Wonderful, these buildings take conceptual art to new heights, don’t they? Less wonderful, and taking artless concepts to new depths is . . . Sorry, can’t say the name.

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    1. Some super wooden houses here too, which I’ll have to post later. I avoid using the name in order not to contribute to his narcissism and as a form of disrespect.

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  2. That fox is wonderful. Orange hair can be nice. Interestingly, the upside down house seems to tilt a little away from vertical, but in a direction opposite the slope it is on. Overcompensation?

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    1. Pretty sure the upside-down house was a tourist trap, but I liked it anyway.

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  3. Cheetolini McRacistpants 🙂 I had to google this as the nicknames hadn’t made it to my part of the world.

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    1. I’m a fan of Papaya Pol Pot too. 😉

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