Hustling on the hippest corner of Riga

We may be the least hip couple in Riga, with our drip dry travel pants, matching backpacks and lack of irony.  Still, we hit the streets today (ten hours of walking!) and ended up with all the cool kids and their street art.

At first, we just dipped our toes in hipness, in the Pardaugava neighborhood.  Here we found lovely wooden houses and a cultural center.




Naturally, we stopped for cats.


But we didn’t put on gloves to pick up triangular dog poo.


But no place can ever possibly be as hip as Miera Street.  Beards, man buns, and fake fur vests are much in evidence.  There are, hmmmm—let me make a rough estimate—at least 8000 places to get a craft beer.



The architecture is the coolest.


Even the street art has a Mohawk.

HOB and I tried out some hip Latvian drinks.  On the left, Black Balsam, a local anise-like liquor.  And on the right Kvass, a soft drink made from fermented rye bread.


Admit it, you’re intimidated by my cool middle-aged lady rep, aren’t you?

How we got to Riga: train from Cēsis.
Where we slept: Hotel Forums.  Price: €49.50 for a double. Recommended: yes.



  1. Except that you don’t really qualify as middle-aged. Plus with all that walking, you’ll be forever young.

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    1. Ha–I wish. A few years ago HOB was horrified when I signed us up for AARP. They send us a free magazine and I like to embarrass him by it ostentatiously reading it on public transportation.


    1. Thanks Deepak! 🙂


  2. Hi Wife of Bath (and HOB), I just wanted to let you know that I was recently nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by a person who follows my blog, and in turn I was encouraged to nominate others whom I feel worthy. I don’t read many blogs, but your blog is one that I do read. I always enjoy learning about the places you visit the and seeing the photos you share. . So, congratulations! You can view you nomination and read what I said about your blog at

    Your recent blog posts have been wonderful. Sorry I can’t sample any of the food with you.
    Perhaps you’d enjoy some of the other blogs I nominated.

    Happy blogging

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    1. Thanks so much Bruce! I enjoyed reading your post and am flattered to be included with such a fine group pf bloggers.

      I did receive a blogging award a few years ago:

      HOB and I have been sampling so tasty food in the Baltics—so far the hit is foraged mushrooms.

      Keep up the great blogging!


  3. I always love your point of view!! Looking forward to some more post as I will be stopping by Riga soon – just two days though.

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    1. Thank you Rotwein Wanderer! I think you can see a lot of Riga in two days if you’re organized. The art nouveau architecture is unmissable. Looking forward to reading your posts.

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      1. Hope I won’t be stuck in snow!!


  4. Is that owl with the moustache actually sober? It looks like its having a hard time standing straight.

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    1. He’s a bearded hipster owl. He doesn’t have to be sober.


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