Funniest travel moments of 2019

Oh 2019, you were a silly end to a hilarious decade.

As usual, I saw a lot of funny signs this year.


Osaka, Japan

Best love hotel name, ever.  Also, extra points for the subtlety of the logo.


Chicago, USA

On second thought, this taco joint wins the award for subtlety of both name and logo.


Alesund, Norway

I made too many stinky fart jokes in Norway.


Osaka, Japan

Oh you know, just a street in Osaka dedicated to plastic food; nothing too weird or anything.


Tokyo, Japan

After a stroll through Plastic Food Lane, time to enjoy a relaxing evening on your tea cup balcony.


Chicago, IL

Many of you may already know that I collect fonts and this year I added some fine additions to my collection.  You never forget your first pipe font….


….or your first lint font.


Oslo, Norway

I also collect nativities.  Here’s a lovely example of the Ox and the Ass snacking on baby Jesus like he’s a bun in a basket.


Alesund, Norway

Wishing all my readers a happy and hilarious 2020.  If any of you figure out how this Norwegian gentleman can pee without unzipping his pants, please drop me a line.


  1. That’s just the year’s round up. Now for the decade’s …

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    1. LOL, that would be more juvenile humor than most people could handle.

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  2. Keep up the good work in 2020. Seasons greetings!

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    1. Thanks Guy! Happy holidays to you as well.


  3. He could be wearing ‘ready boys’…trousers with no fly but a flap of fabric attached to the waistband by buttons.
    I wish I could find my photo from the seventies of the Hotel Kuntz in Paris…
    Thanks for all your super posts! Enjoy the break…I bet the new cat is growing on you by now…

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    1. Hotel Kuntz is still in business, according to tripdavisor:

      I’m tempted to fly to Paris right now and check in under a fake name, like Anita Wang. HOB could wear his “ready boys”….

      I took the new cat to the vet and got a half hour of advice on how to live with a smart cat. Lots of simulated hunting is involved.

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      1. Only simulated?

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      2. Strictly simulated. We haven’t adopted a python.


      3. We, on the contrary have all too many of the damned things.

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  4. Peeing man: it’s a gift. Much like my Norwegian colleagues can arrive in the office for a week on loan from the Viking longhouse where they’re based without saying so much as a “hello”, code away for a week and then piss off… you’ve got to be a Norseman to do it.

    Speaking of the cups, did you see the Saddam Hussein head, wearing a chef’s hat, more or less opposite cup house? Here:

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    1. Ah I get it now. Norwegians: butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, pee wouldn’t stay in their zippers. Thanks for the clarification.

      How did you make that magic with the google maps? Yes, I did see the creepy Saddam head and marveled at it in situ.

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      1. Yeah that’s pretty much it I guess!
        Regarding Google, when you’re in street view, you’ll see that the left hand corner dialogue box has tree vertical dots (basically there’s the address you’re at, the “pin” icon and the 3 dots). If you click on them you’ll see a new menu: the last option is share or embed image.

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  5. Fart means “trip” ….in German. I showed dearie that photo of yours. 🙂

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    1. Another blogger told me that “Fart Kontrol” means “Speed Control” in Danish. 🙂


  6. This is brilliant. Had me laughing. Great way to start 2020.

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    1. Wishing you much laughter in 2020!

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  7. I recall plenty of fart jokes in Germany too with all the Einfahrt and Ausfahrt signs (on and off ramps) on the Autobahn. Apparently, wind requires prepositions and is directional, as indicated by arrows. 😊

    Love the teacup balconies!

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    1. In Chicago you have a choice of Upper Wacker and Lower Wacker Drives. Arrows needed here too 🙂

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