Two crucifixes in Cologne: Gero’s and Gabelkruzifix

The crucifixion of Christ is one of the most predominate symbols of Christian Art, so it’s surprising to realize that, as a form of art, it’s only developed in the last 1000 or so years.  (Back in the early days, when Christians were trying to recruit converts, a symbol of a tortured man probably wasn’t so encouraging).  In Cologne, Germany’s magnificent churches, we saw fine examples of how this art form flourished in the medieval age.


One of the earliest crucifixes, c. 965- 970, still in situ in the Cologne Cathedral.  He is almost stately in his suffering….


Gabelkruzifix (forked cross) c. 1304,  inside St. Maria im Kapitol.  It’s an agonizing expressionistic wonder.

cruxface cruxhand cruxfoot

How we got to Cologne: train from Frankfurt.

Where we slept: Station – Hostel for Backpackers.  Price: €55 for a double.  Recommended: meh.



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