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Lunch boxes in Taiwan, budget traveler’s best friend

People, I am loving Taiwan so much.  Not only is this country busting out all over with gorgeous cultural heritage, but it is a traveler’s dream.  THERE ARE PUBLIC BATHROOMS EVERYWHERE.  Clean, safe, public bathrooms (heart heart heart smiley face exclamation point).  The transportation system is a snap with low prices and an easy-to-understand system […]

An overnight train and a marshrutka from Tbilisi to Svaneti, Georgia: paper sheets and landslides

We’re in Svaneti, a region of Northwest Georgia full of cultural treasures.  Getting here was dramatic. First step: an overnight train from Tbilisi to Zugdidi.  This is the part of the trip that had stressed me out the most.  As it happened, the journey was uneventful, even pleasant.  We showed up at the Tbilisi train […]

Wayfinding basics: how to find your hotel and catch your train

When it comes to travel wayfinding I’m old school—I use paper, as in maps and notes, and I talk to people.  It’s not that I’m opposed to technology (although I am possibly the last non-grandmother alive still using a flip-phone), it’s just that technology can and will fail just when you need it most.  How’s […]

Why you don’t need to be rich to be a cultural tourist, and why it’s probably better not to be (really!)

I remember the exact moment: after a morning of winding our way uphill through the medieval Albayzín neighborhood of Granada in Southern Spain, we reached the San Nicholas Viewpoint. We picnicked while taking in the enchanting view of the Alhambra and surrounding mountains and I mentioned to HOB that, according to our guide book, this […]

How to make a budget-friendly travel itinerary tailored to your interests

I’m clumsy, my spelling is atrocious, I suck at math and I’m a total slob, but people, I am really super-spanking good at writing a travel itinerary.  Here’ s what works for me: Research like crazy and keep a list.   No, I don’t mean a bucket list of far away fantasies, I mean a realistic […]

Three insanely helpful–free!–websites for travelers

As a budget travel addict, I frequently check dozens of websites.  Here are a few of the most useful, that I find myself returning to again and again: TripIt Our travel itineraries are intense.  We often visit smaller towns and sleep in a different place almost every night.  We travel exclusively by public transportation and […]