Just sleeping in Diocletian’s Palace, no big deal

This is where we’re sleeping tonight in Split, Croatia:


Up a steep flight of stairs, on the left, is our room tonight— inside Diocletian’s Palace.


Diocletian–just your run of the mill nasty Roman emperor–retired here in the early 300’s AD.


As a lover of classical architecture, I’m pretty stoked about it.


But not as stoked as I am about this inspiring artwork, which is hanging in our room above the bed.


Lunch haul from the outdoor market.  Not shown: especially tasty walnuts.


Fashion in Croatia is….surprising.  Most young men wear sweatpants (loose on top and tight at the ankle) with—I’m not lying—fanny packs.  With the young ladies, jeggings with cropped leather jackets and giant white tennis shoes is a popular look.  Adidas track suits are very much a thing for both sexes.  And of course, the main accessory is a cigarette.


If my career in Chicago’s art world doesn’t work out, I’m thinking of going into the frog taxidermy museum business in Split as a backup plan.


How we got to Split: bus from Trogir.

Where we slept: Golden Gate Rooms.  Price: €45 for a double. Recommended: oh yeah.


  1. Quite a boy Diocletian! I wonder what draconian laws he would have passed on current fashions in his retirement home area…

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    1. Diocletian would have worn a gold-plated Adidas track suit and made all the townspeople kiss his fanny pack while saying “I bow to you, sun of Jupiter.”


  2. Oh, I miss all that weird stuff about Croatia. And there is plenty of weirdness along with the beauty of the landscape. Thanks for capturing and sharing both.

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    1. Did you just live in Zagreb or some other cities as well? Thanks for reading!


      1. I lived in Knin, Zagreb, just outside Sarajevo – a little town called Kiseljak, and Metkovic. I was with the UN for 4 years during the war and travelled all over.

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